Sunday, 21 April 2019

Please do not pay for bags when you purchase anything from shops.

Please do not pay for bags when you purchase anything from shops. 

As per recent decision by consumer court, Shop keepers are not allowed to charge extra from consumers as they put their brand name and logo on these bags, so it becomes part of there advertising. 

Please spread the message. Share it to aware people about this wrong business practice.

Cheating by promising to marry just to have sex is a punishable offence now.

When consent of the woman for sexual intercourse is obtained based on promise to marry and it can be proved that the accused did not have any intention to marry the woman, the accused will be guilty of rape under Section 375 of Indian Penal Code.

जब संभोग के लिए महिला की सहमति शादी करने के वादे के आधार पर प्राप्त की जाती है और यह साबित किया जा सकता है कि आरोपी का महिला से शादी करने का कोई इरादा नहीं था, तो आरोपी भारतीय दंड संहिता की धारा 375 के तहत बलात्कार का दोषी होगा।

Sunday, 6 January 2019

When we go beyond our comfort & stability, Then we discover our hidden abilities.

To do what we can is so normal,
To go beyond our ability is a challenge.

Challenge in form of ups & downs keeps us  going,

Life without challenge is pale & doesn't help in growing.

A protective environment does feel secure, 

Though it can't help to explore. 

When we go beyond our comfort & stability, 

Then we discover our hidden abilities. 
                  - Manjri Bhosle ✍️

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Madras High Court ruling on WhatsApp Forward Post 📣

High Court Orders/ Judgements are considered as Law.

Once you forward a post, it means that you agreed to that view, you can't say, 'forwarded as received'.

So while  forwarding any post that has political, religious ramifications or Medical  advice,  you are equally responsible. 

So, be responsible citizens and choose & forward only  messages that you agree to it. Take Care and don't be casual or careless.

A very important judgement which will affect all of us.

*DO READ via the given link :

Friday, 23 November 2018

The value of anything is the amount of time of your life you pay for it.

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Time is the most precious resource on earth. It is the most valuable thing people have. It is perishable, it is irreplaceable, and it cannot be stored. People compare time with gold but it is a wrong notion. The value of gold fluctuates from time to time but the value of time will never fluctuate. Even 1000 years ago, a day consisted of 24 hours per, 60 minutes per hour and 60 seconds per minutes. Still in the 21st century, a day consists of 24 hours. There is no change in the value of time. There is no precious asset on earth rarer than time. Hence, don't compare time with gold.
"If we lose gold, we can earn it back. If we lose money, we can get it back. If we lose our health, we can recover it. But once we lose our time, it is lost forever."

'Every person has 24 hours per day.'

Why do few people succeed in their pursuits and others fail? 

Successful people utilize time in a more effective manner than unsuccessful people. They priorities activities and allocate time on the basis of importance. Time can only be reallocated from activities of lower value to activities of higher value. All work and accomplishments require time.

'Wise time management is inseparable from high quality life.'

Due to our fast paced modern life, most people are unable to priorities their activities and are confused. Hence, they do unimportant things first and important things next. To get success in life, people should evaluate their activities in the light of what is really important to them. They must master their time rather than becoming a slave to the constant flow of events and demands on their time. They must organize their life to achieve balance, harmony, and inner peace. Lack of harmony with time and activities leads to chaos in life.

'Your ability to think and priorities activities is the most valuable trait for the smoothest flow of life.'

It is a fact that life means time and time means life. God has given us this wonderful life to life happily and achieve life goals but not brood over failures. Time is absolutely essential to develop important relationships in life. Life itself is time and hence life without time has no value.

We all grow in time, live in time and ultimately, perish in time. There may not be an exact definition of time, but we all know what it is and its great value in human life. A man has a lot of wants. We all want fame, success, money, happiness, love, relationship etc. There is no end to our desires.

However, only a few are successful, prosperous and happy. These few are the ones who realized the value of time. They made the best use of their time and attained an enviable position in society. People, who made effective usage of time at their disposal, got the best from time.

Never curse time for not giving you riches; we have to extract riches from time. But those who forget the value of time may find to their utter dismay that it will be harsh on them later. Man may neglect time and misuse it but time doesn't wait. It may be a fantasy that time may take revenge on us so utilize this precious recourse carefully.

Time will never forget us though we may forget it. Time reciprocates. If we use it in a wise manner it gives us happiness otherwise it pushes people into troubles

Wednesday, 21 November 2018


Image result for health benefits of fennel seeds water


1.  Reduces sex hormones imbalance and cure PCOS problem naturally.

After consuming the fenugreek fennel water each morning, eat 2 to 3 tablespoons of aloe gel. It's wealthy in omega3 fatty acids which  reduces sex hormones imbalance and cure PCOS problem naturally.

2.Excellent for lactating mothers.

  Fenugreek water is excellent for lactating mothers as it aids in milk production. 

3.For regulating blood sugar levels

Fenugreek is excellent for regulating blood sugar levels. It may help in tackling insulin resistance, making it more responsive and sensitive. 

4.For boosting metabolism& losing weight.

Consuming fenugreek water the first thing in the morning is excellent for boosting metabolism. Its consumption generates heat in the body and help in managing and losing weight. If you wish to lose weight, fenugreek seed is your answer. 

5.Helps to reduce issues tied to gastritis and bloating.

Fenugreek water is a great antacid. Its regular consumption may help strengthen the digestive system and check issues tied to gastritis and bloating.

6.Here are some great fennel seed benefits:
  • Helps Regulate Blood Pressure.
  • Reduce Water Retention.
  • Fennel Tea for Constipation, Indigestion, IBS & Bloating.
  • Fennel Seeds Reduce Asthma Symptoms.
  • Helps Purify Blood.
  • Improves Eyesight.
  • According to Ayurveda.
  • Great for Acne.


Place the seeds into a tall glass and pour the warm water over. Cover and let the mixture steep overnight. Drink the tea first thing in the morning, warming lightly if you like. Try and crunch through as many of the seeds as you can, drink the rest down.

WARNING :Fenugreek seeds are hot in nature therefore just a teaspoon should be enough to be soaked in a cup of water. People with intestinal ulcers must skip consuming fenugreek water. Excessive consumption may cause skin dryness.


Link ( Benefits of fenugreek or methi tea) :

Link ( Benefits of fennel or saunf tea) :

Monday, 19 November 2018

Build a better Vocabulary via 10 vocabularies dated 19.11.2018

1. AMBIDEXTROUS (ADJECTIVE): (उभयहस्त) able to use both hands well; very skillful

Synonyms: versatile, facile

Antonyms: clumsy, maladroit

Example Sentence:

My teacher comes across me when I was displaying ambidextrous abilities.

2. AUGMENT (VERB): (बढ़ाना) expand

Synonyms: enlarge, amplify

Antonyms: diminish, decrease

Example Sentence:

We need to augment the capacity to work.

3. AGONY (NOUN): (व्यथा) suffering

Synonyms: anguish, torment

Antonyms: contentment, comfort

Example Sentence:

A lot of agony was faced by the victim’s family.

4. SUBDUED (ADJECTIVE): (वशीभूत) quiet/controlled

Synonyms: hushed, muted

Antonyms: boisterous, communicative

Example Sentence:

Aneesh was subdued by his boss.

5. UPRISING (NOUN): (विद्रोह) mutiny

Synonyms: rebellion, revolt

Antonyms: harmony, obedience

Example Sentence:

We have witnessed many uprisings in the past.

6. AMBIGUOUS (ADJECTIVE): (अस्पष्ट) unclear

Synonyms: enigmatic, puzzling

Antonyms: determined, unambiguous

Example Sentence:

They spoke many ambiguous statements.

7. COERCION (NOUN): (दबाव) compulsion

Synonyms: intimidation, duress

Antonyms: freedom, liberty

Example Sentence:

They surrendered due to the coercion faced by them.

8. EXPLICIT (ADJECTIVE): (स्पष्ट) specific

Synonyms: unambiguous, precise

Antonyms: unreliable, vague

Example Sentence:

They need to define explicit objectives first in order to achieve them.

9. WINSOME (ADJECTIVE): (मनोहर) charming

Synonyms: appealing, delightful

Antonyms: repulsive, unattractive

Example Sentence:

Shivi gave him her most winsome smile.

10. DEPLOY (VERB): (तैनात करना) to position/arrange/utilize

Synonyms: station, organize

Antonyms: remove, reposition

Example Sentence:

They have to deploy anti-missile shield over the whole country.